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    Hi! My name is Tom Hudec and this looks like my homepage. And it probably is my homepage (if some bad guy didn't snake my account and created this homepage for me :-). Well, let me tell you who I am and what I like. I was born on February 17th, 1976 in Boskovice, the Czech Republic. After I learned to talk and write I started to ask. First, I was keen on mathematics. I like it since I ever know about it. I successfully participated several local math olympiades. Then, I found another interesting topic: computers and programming. I started with BASIC on Czech made computers PMD-85 and IQ-151. (That time I was about 12–14 years young.) After leaving elementary school I started to play with Czech computers TNS and learned the programming language Pascal.


    While attending the high school I also discovered the world of PCs. I got some abilities to program in Turbo Pascal and assembler. I started to write many useful utilities and tools for M$-DOG, which I missed in that program starter which doesn't deserve to be called operating system. And that time I also wrote my first (and last) virus which was never released. :) Well, enough about programming this time, because at last I noticed the (ex-)existance of the greatest pop music group ever: ABBA. I fell in love with their music and that's why I dedicated my web page to them.

    After leaving the high school in 1994 I was admitted to the Masaryk University, Faculty of Informatics. There I discovered the great world of UNIX and Internet. (My first Internet ABBA pages are dated to the early '95.) Since that I also have Linux installed on my home PC computer. First it was RedHat Sarah (derived from RedHat 3.0.3 Picasso & 3.0.4 Rembrandt) but I was not satisfied and after a few weeks I reinstalled it with Debian GNU/Linux 1.3 (called bo). Since that time I only upgraded my box (from time to time by new hardware and also by new Debian releases). It is true if I say that I only installed Linux twice on my home PC, what cannot be said about Windoze, however :).

    Still not bored? You are great if you read it all! :) During my university studies I found another interesting program—the typesetting system called TEX (read as τεχ). It is well designed to typeset (not only) mathematics, what is my need. Using it in conjunction with MetaFont or even better MetaPost (for graphic), I can create beautiful documents. Here is a small example of a math test. I can even typeset music scores or chess diagrams using TEX! (If you like chess, you can visit my friend's web page.)

    I think that it was enough. So at last I'll offer you some (maybe useful) links:

* Visit my ABBA pages!  –  Navštivte mé ABBA stránky! *
* Linux—the best? Operating system for most platforms  –  České stránky o Linuxu *
* TeX Users Group—the best typesetting system for many platforms  –  Czechoslovak TeX Users Group (CSTUG) *
* vim—the real text editor  –  Víš? vim! – skutečný editor textů *
* Gimp—great GNU Image Manipulation Program  –  Gimp – výborný editor obrázků *

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