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When I Kissed The Teacher

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Sleeve picture ABBA The Movie
Time: 90'
LD: MGM/UA Home Video UMLV 10215; 19??
VHS: MGM/UA Home Video SMV 10215; 19??

Back cover:
From their first moment of international triumph, as Sweden's entry in the 1974 Eurovision song contest, everything ABBA have touched has turned to gold.
"Abba: the movie", follows the supergroup on a sensational tour of Australia and captures all the magic and excitement of one of the world's most entertaining live acts; It features an unforgettable selection from the many songs that have taken the four to the top of the charts around the world.
The movie also provides an interesting and thoroughly entertaining insight into their lives off-stage, punctuated by the amusing exploits of Ashley, a disc-jockey who follows ABBA across the continent. Not quite sure who or what ABBA are, Ashley is nevertheless determinated to get his interview.

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Sleeve picture More ABBA Gold (More ABBA Hits)
Time: 50'
CD: PolyGram Video 087 380-4; 1992
LD: PolyGram Video 087 380-1; 1992
VHS: PolyGram Video 087 380-3; 1992

Back cover:
Arguably, the major musical event of 1992/3 was the renaissance of ABBA, whose "ABBA Gold-Greatest hits" album and video, topped the UK chats and the charts of a dozen other countries around the world. Not bad for a group that effectively went its separate ways ten years before... However, they are without any doubt, among the ten most popular acts of entire history of modern pop/rock music and the fact that their time came round again in 1992 (just as it had for so many acts from the golden era of pop music), should cause no raising of eyebrows. After 20 years during which ABBA left a permanent mark on the history of pop music, their international popularity shows a little sign of diminishing.
John Tobler 1993

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Sleeve picture Thank You ABBA
Time: 55'
VHS: PolyGram Video 632 382-3; 19??

Back cover:
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