Sleeve picture ABBA Gold (Greatest Hits)
Time: 78'
CD: PolyGram Video 085 548-4; 1992
LD: PolyGram Video 085 548-1; 1992
VHS: PolyGram Video 085 548-3; 1992

Back cover:
Perhaps mainly due to English being the only universal language of pop and rock, the vast majority of classic modern popular music has been made by either British or American acts, yet one of the most enduring and successful groups of all time came from Sweden, where English is a foreign language. We're talking about ABBA, of course, who dominated charts for around eight years, achieving Nš1 hit singles all over the world (including 9 in UK), and whose heritage remains very familiar despite the passing of time. "ABBA-esque", the EP by Erasure of ABBA cover versions which topped the UK chart in 1992, and the very popular "copy" groups with acts based on ABBA's music, are just some indication of continuing influence of the quartet who where second only to Volvo as Sweden's biggest export earners for several years, and who remain revered and legendary as one of the most accomplished pop/rock groups ever.
John Tobler 1992

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