Sleeve picture ABBA in their own words
Compiled by: Rosemary York
Published by: Omnibus Press, 1981
Pages: 130

Success has not come easy for Abba. When they won the Eurovision Song Contest they appeared as two innocent couples singing a catchy song. The accessibility of their tunes soon made them the favourites of the deejays and the public. The string of hits grew longer and the melodies more sophisticated. Their management compagny became one of the Sweden's biggest exporters next to Volvo but behind the scenes the strain of touring and the pressures of fame eventually caused both their mariages to fail. Here, in quotes taken from contemporary interviews, is Abba story, told by the group themselves.


  1. Agnetha Fältskog
  2. Frida Lyngstad
  3. Björn Ulvaeus
  4. Benny Anderson
  5. The beginnings
  6. The road to fame
  7. The music
  8. Writing and recording
  9. The songs
  10. Abba: The movie
  11. Abba: the industry
  12. Fame and fortune
  13. Behind the scene
  14. Love and mariage
  15. Divorce
  16. The children
  17. Away from it all
  18. Abba in Sweden
  19. Politics
  20. The future

A lot of pictures, only in black and white, and some rares. It's interesting but it's only compilations from interviews: it gives you the impression of truth, but is it?

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