Sleeve picture ABBA
Author: Nina Rasmussen
Published by: An Onrion Paperbook, GB 1993
Pages: 122

There's a new release in 1996 by Carlton Books: it's the same book with a different cover but it contains a CD with 64 minutes of Abba's interviews (no music on it).
The interviews featured on the picture-CD are from the late '70s, during the height of their global conquering period and the '80's with Björn.

Foreword by Nina Rasmussen:
Like the erstwhile members of Abba, Nina has spent much of her life living in or near Stockholm, from where she has been able to observe the lives and times of sweden's most internationally successful musical quartet. Her career as a rock and pop journalist has also taken her to London on many occasions since the late 1970s, provinding her with a unique viewpoint on the activities of the group members both during and since their incredible career.

Abba - the epitome of Seventies glam-pop - were the first group from a non-English speaking country to become internationally famous.

Propelled to stardom in 1974 by Waterloo their winning entry to the Eurovision Song Contest, Agnetha, Benny, Björn and Anni-Frid rapidly became one of the biggest groups in the worlds, with a succession of huge international hits - including nine UK Number One singles and eight Number One albums - that was unequalled during that time.

Although they disbanded in the early Eighties, the phenomenal success of 1992's greatest hits album ABBA Gold - which topped the charts in 15 countries - has brought the pop magic of Abba to a whole new generation of fans, who regard them as superstars; This is their story.


    Introduction (p. 6)
  1. Second time around (p. 10)
  2. The fledgling four (p. 24)
  3. Abba come of age (p. 38)
  4. The golden years (p. 54)
  5. Cracks appear (p. 70)
  6. The end of Abba? (p. 94)
    Chronology (p. 114)
    Discography (p. 116)
    Index (p. 118)
    Acknowledgements (p. 120)

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