Sleeve picture ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions
Author: Carl Magnus Palm
Published by: Century 22 Limited
Pages: 130

Foreword by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus:
There was a little bit of suspicion when Carl Magnus Palm first came into our lives. Not only was it a daunting task that he presumed to undertake, but more importantly, who would be crazy enough to tackle it in the first place? To chart our careers as songwriters and record producers from the mid sixties to the beginning of the eighties seemed to us impossible and futile, especially bearing in mind that we, and sometimes conveniently, had forgotten so much about that period ourselves.
It was Michael Tretow, great friend and all important sound engineer, who introduced us to Carl Magnus. "This is a serious guy", he assured us and we took his word for it and agreed to meeting. It was the first of many, for we found Carl Magnus to be a hardworking, dedicated and intelligent man. We were intrigued by all the facts that he managedti dig up from the depths of our slumbering memories as well as from those of other people.
And so, finally, here is Carl magnus Palm's Abba-The Complete Recording Sessions. It ought to be of interest not only the avid Abba fan, but also toanyone who wants to know more about a group that had a fair amount of impact during the seventies. To us it is particulary pleasing because it kills themyth of the "Hit Factory" and the conscious image-making that the critics nurtured during those days to find a rational way of explaining away the success. Anyone who reads this book will find that Abba became a group by sheer coincidence and that the image never was contemplated. The recordings seem to have been, especially in the early days, planned in an almost haphazard, from-day-to-day manner, far from the factory concept.
Thank you for being patient with us, and we wish you the best of luck with your book, Carl Magnus.

In 1966 two young men from Sweden wrote and recorded a song called Isn't It Easy To Say, which marked the beginning of a songwriting and record producing partnership that has continued to this day. As the 1960s drifted into the 1970s, they started making recordings with two girls singers (who also later became their wives), a working relationship that would continue until August 1982. During that period the foursome recorded a collection of songs which heralded one of the most successful recording careers the world has ever known and claim a unique plce in the history of popular music.
That quartet was of course Agnetha Fältskog, Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson and Anni-Frid Lyngstad, better known as Abba, and this book is the story of these people and their recordings. Based on extensive research and countless hours of original interviews with all four members of Abba, their engineer Michael B. Tretow and many of the musicians that played with the band, Abba-The Complete Recording Sessions recounts their story in a way that has never been told before.
Beginnig with that very first mid-sixties recording session and tracing the formation of the through their first tentative collaborations, Carl Magnus Palm takes us on a fascinating journey through Abba's sensational career. Continuing with the watershed March 1972 recording of the group's first single People Need Love he recounts the full story behind such hits as S.O.S., Dancing Queen and The Name Of The Game. He reveals the facts behind Abba's final years and such classics as The Winner Takes It All and The Day Before You Came, as well as many lesser known tracks.
The definitive book "ought to be of interest not only the avid Abba fan, but also to anyone who wants to know more about a group that had a fair amount of impact during the seventies" as benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus have written with typical reserve in their foreword. It details the numerous unreleased recordings that the group left behind and is fully illustrated with many rare photos, record sleeves, and original recording documents and lyric sheets that have never before been published. Abba-The Complete recording Sessions is the first book in which all four members of the group look back on their career.

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