Sleeve picture Agnetha & Frida: The Voice of ABBA
LP: ???; 19??
CD: ???; 1994

  1. The Heat Is On (Agnetha)
  2. I Know There's Something Going On (Frida)
  3. You're There (Agnetha)
  4. To Turn The Stone (Frida)
  5. Just One Heart (Agnetha)
  6. That's Tough (Frida)
  7. Turn The World Around (Agnetha)
  8. I Got Something (Frida)
  9. We Should Be Together (Agnetha)
  10. Shine (Frida)
  11. I Won't Let You Go (Agnetha)
  12. Here We'll Stay (Frida)
  13. Wrap Your Arms Around Me (Agnetha)
  14. Heart Of The Country (Frida)

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