Sleeve picture The Best Of ABBA - 25 jaar Popmuziek (25 years of pop music)
CD: Polydor 839 095-2; Germany, club release 1988

  1. Waterloo (Agnetha & Frida) mid, mid
  2. Fernando (Frida) mid, mid
  3. Dancing Queen (Agnetha & Frida) mid, mid
  4. Money, Money, Money (Agnetha & Frida) mid, mid
  5. Knowing Me, Knowing You (Frida) mid, mid
  6. The Name Of The Game (Agnetha & Frida) mid
  7. Voulez-Vous (Agnetha & Frida) mid
  8. Take A Chance On Me (Agnetha) mid, mid
  9. Summer Night City (Björn, Agnetha & Frida) mid
  10. Chiquitita (Agnetha) mid
  11. The Winner Takes It All (Agnetha) mid
  12. Super Trouper (Frida) mid
  13. The Day Before You Came (Agnetha) mid

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