Sleeve picture Love Songs
CD: Dino Music DNCD 1208; 1989

  1. One Of Us (Agnetha) mid
  2. Chiquitita (Agnetha) mid
  3. Tropical Loveland (Frida)
  4. Dancing Queen (Agnetha & Frida) mid, mid
  5. Andante Andante (Frida)
  6. Fernando (Frida) mid, mid
  7. I've Been Waiting For You (Agnetha) mid
  8. The Winner Takes It All (Agnetha) mid
  9. My Love, My Life (Agnetha) mid, mid
  10. The Day Before You Came (Agnetha) mid
  11. Our Last Summer (Frida) mid
  12. Knowing Me, Knowing You (Frida) mid, mid
  13. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do (Agnetha & Frida) mid
  14. Take A Chance On Me (Agnetha) mid, mid
  15. S.O.S. (Agnetha) mid
  16. I Have A Dream (Frida) mid
  17. Wrap Your Arms Around Me (Agnetha)
  18. The Way Old Friends Do (Frida)

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