Sleeve picture I Love ABBA
LP: ???; 1986

This was a North America only release.

  1. Cassandra (Frida)
  2. The Name Of The Game (Agnetha & Frida) mid
  3. Should I Laugh Or Cry? (Frida) mid
  4. Our Last Summer (Frida) mid
  5. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do (Agnetha & Frida) mid
  6. Chiquitita (Agnetha) mid
  7. Andante Andante (Frida)
  8. I Have A Dream (Frida) mid
  9. My Love, My Life (Agnetha) mid, mid
  10. I Wonder (Departure) (Frida) mid
  11. One Man One Woman (Frida) mid
  12. Slipping Through My Fingers (Agnetha) mid
  13. Fernando (Frida) mid, mid
  14. Eagle (Extra-short version; Agnetha & Frida) mid

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