Sleeve picture ABBA Gold (Australian)
CD: Polydor 517 275-2; Australia 1992

On this version of the regular album (ABBA Gold) three songs where changed.

  1. Dancing Queen (Agnetha & Frida) mid, mid
  2. Knowing Me, Knowing You (Frida) mid, mid
  3. Take A Chance On Me (Agnetha) mid, mid
  4. Mamma Mia (Agnetha & Frida) mid
  5. Lay All Your Love On Me (Agnetha) mid
  6. Ring Ring (Agnetha) mid
  7. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do (Agnetha & Frida) mid
  8. The Winner Takes It All (Agnetha) mid
  9. Money, Money, Money (Agnetha & Frida) mid, mid
  10. S.O.S. (Agnetha) mid
  11. Chiquitita (Agnetha) mid
  12. Fernando (Frida) mid, mid
  13. Voulez-Vous (4'21" edited version; Agnetha & Frida) mid
  14. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) (Agnetha) mid
  15. Does Your Mother Know? (Björn) mid
  16. One Of Us (Agnetha) mid
  17. The Name Of The Game (3'56" edited version; Agnetha & Frida) mid
  18. Rock Me (Björn) mid
  19. Waterloo (Agnetha & Frida) mid, mid

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